Monday, July 21, 2014

Стандартная процедура подготовки ноготков/Standard preparation of nails for the application of the gel polish

To the gel nail held not less than two weeks (only more, but as for me next appearance is not already aesthetic), before application of color coating must prepare for the natural nail.
1. Do manicure. I always do the hardware and this kills two birds with one stone - manicure+delete parigi. But hardware nail preparation requires skills in their absence can be easily injure the natural nail. Therefore, hardware manicure you can replace the classical or just move cuticle pusher and a hatchet to remove Parigi.
2. If the manufacturer does not specify otherwise, move though the nail soft buff to remove Shine. Never saw the nail nail file! You can hurt him!
3. Degreased nail dehydrator
4. Apply primer for gel or gel polish. And the end, too!
5. Apply a base for gel polish, sealing the end of the nail. Dry in the lamp 36 watt 1-2 minutes.
All. Our nail is ready to the further application of color coating!

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