Thursday, September 11, 2014

How to prolong varnish life?

Remember once and for all - the base and a top have to be used always! Base besides that increases a covering hitch with a nail also protects a nail from pigmentation. Of course pigmentation can be removed with the grinder but what will become with a nail which is ground constantly? Correctly, will turn into a rag! Therefore - base, base and once again base! The top as a rule reduces time of drying of all layers a varnish, gives additional protection and gloss for a varnish, and also prevents a skalyvaniye. Before base obligatory degreasing of a nail. If on a surface of a nail there are oils, the varnish will be quicker torn away. It is possible to degrease a nail it is banal liquid for removal of a varnish. Well and of course, a varnish have to be qualitative. At least base. Let color will cost 15 rubles, but the basis has to be qualitative, after all long duration of a covering depends on it in the most part. And for those who doesn't like to change often a covering, welcome to a subject about gel varnishes.

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