Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Male manicure

In principle, the male manicure is not much different from the female, except for the lack of coverage on the nails, although some men prefer the polished coating with varnish. And vice versa, some even matte finish like!

You need to remember a few things:

- Male cuticle usually grows even more than women, so the work can be a little more. Male hands often like children - trying to cover up the cuticle nail to the maximum

- Men are very wary of piercing-cutting =) Try not to make a man sick, do not cut it during a manicure or make a combined hardware manicure.

- The form of the free edge of the nail in men, only one - on the fingertip.

Ask a man if he wants to scrub, polish and so on. Maybe he does not need it, and you, making this procedure will block his hunting manicure done at least in the future you. Treat your men like children =)

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