Sunday, March 29, 2015

The materials used for a covering of nails gel polish

First of all tools will be necessary for you for manicure, well or at least a pusher, nail files and soft baff for natural nails.

If you aren't going to carry out any of types of manicure, you will need to prepare a nail plate for a covering, and for this purpose it is necessary to remove a cuticle, to remove pterygium, to update free edge of a nail and to matt a nail the baffy.

The nail plate needs to be degreased. Means in your arsenal surely there has to be a dehydrator.

If your nails soft, thin, weak, you need a primer for the best coupling of material with a nail.

To polymerize material, you need UV or a LED lamp.

If your covering not single-phase, is necessary for you a base coat. It will protect your nail from penetration of a pigment of a color covering and will improve coupling with a nail plate.

Further you respectively need directly color covering. Here your imagination is limited only to your opportunities.

Well and at last, for fixing of the received result and excellent gloss you need a top coat.

Why you shouldn't choose at least a cheap basic covering, and it is better base and the finish? As a rule, the brand is more expensive and more known, the extent of cleaning of compound components of material is higher. And consequently the risk allergic reaction is minimized or at all excluded.

If you prefer to a monophonic covering design, paints (acrylic or gel or color gel varnishes), brushes, pastes, bulyonka, stickers, etc. design elements on your taste will be necessary for you.

It is actually complete list of materials necessary for you which is required to you for a covering of nails gel polish.


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