Saturday, February 28, 2015

How does the growth of natural nails?

The root of the nail is called the matrix. almost all people at least on the thumbs there is a small white hole (the white part at the cuticle). This is the visible part of the matrix. everything else is completely hidden under the nail shaft. Some people have nice hole acts on all fingers. This indicates that the matrix is ​​sufficiently high.

What happens in the matrix and as growing our nail? The cells are formed in the nail matrix and initially have a white hue. That is why the lunula is white. As the cells move further they flatten and become transparent, connected to each other in layers. That is why nail consists of multiple layers. Their number may reach 100-120.

How long does the nail to completely upgrade? On average, three months. During this time, the nail plate grows together from the cuticle to the free edge. This suggests that the cells are at the nail cuticle, still quite young. it just a few days. Accordingly, the cells located at the free edge, are old. they have at least three months. That is why the connection between the layers of the nail is not as strong. That is why the delamination of the nail plate begins usually in the vicinity of the free edge. "Seek" nails aggressive external environment, water, detergents for different needs and so forth. So even if you have to wash even just one dish - Wear gloves to protect your hands and nails from external influence.

Regardless of whether you want a short or long nails you need to get rid of old cells at the free edge. If you begin to exfoliate nails, and you get rid of exfoliating part, the process will go on and will go to the entire nail plate. Therefore it is necessary at least once a week to file the free edge. to get rid of old cells and the possible bundles.

The thickness of the natural nail is defined genetically and radically change her will not help anything - no bath, no masochki or prospect.

For example, if you never cared fully for hands and nails. and then suddenly took up a proper diet, masks, lotions, bath, manicure, massage, etc., then your nails will naturally beautiful and tidy. But it's not because of the treatments. Rather just the same because of them, but if you do these procedures always, your nails would always be in good condition.

All funds that are advertised everywhere to strengthen nails have only a superficial external effect. The same effect will perform the most simple transparent varnish. Just when any surface nail becomes protected from external influences and grows better.
Good use paste wax or polish and nail sealing. The fact is that when rubbed into the nail, these means are layers of glue between the natural nail. Thus the nail does not foliated further. You can grow it to the desired length and in the future it gets better.
To accelerate and improve nail growth is necessary to use moisturizer for hands and cuticle oil and preferably at least two times a day.

And do not expect instant results! You run your hands over the years, and now want to come for a week all in perfect order? Agree, it does not happen.

Remember that the most important in the care - regular and constant!

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