Friday, March 20, 2015

Classic pedicure: foot treatment

Proceed to the treatment of the foot. You should start with those areas that have the greatest number of problems, while the foot is still wet and easy to work.

Please note that we wrap the leg in a towel when handling the fingers not in vain. At this point the excess moisture from the foot soaks into the towel and the skin of the foot takes a condition in which the blade does not slide on the foot and relieves chapped skin.

Pedicure nail file trying to work on drawing the skin and preferably in the same direction, so as not to create on the skin of burrs. The blade has two sides - one hard and the other with a softer abrasive. A tough side is used for the treatment of problem areas on the foot, but his softer side handles narublennyh places and the final processing of the entire foot.

Don't forget about the processing of external and internal parts of the foot and not just the heel and metatarsal portions.

Treat the place under the Achilles tendon, there are often corn. If special callus is not there, then spend processing soft side of the blade.

Do not RUB the nail file in one place - this causes increased friction and discomfort, the skin becomes hot. Gradually move on foot, do not stay at one place.

When the stack is practically treated and the skin begins to dry, you can wet the blade with water and continue processing wet tool.

Wet tool work as long as you do not feel that the foot is perfectly smooth and the skin begins to creak. Please note that we cannot process a stop to pink! First, you or the client will be painful to walk, and then the skin will start to grow in pink places even more than before the procedure.

Now is the time to elaborate soft side nail file - it will smooth out the bumps. Just pass soft side on the fingers, removing dead skin.

After finish treatment of the foot with a nail file, rinse off any residue keratinized skin from the foot. Wipe the leg towel dry. Apply the cuticle and side bolsters oil. For all skin apply a nourishing foot cream and massage lightly.

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