Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The standard procedure for preparing the nails for the coating.

The gel Polish was kept for at least two weeks (only better, but then the view is already not aesthetic), before applying the colored coating is necessary to prepare the natural nail.

1. Cooking gyros on the beach. It is possible to make the hardware. So you kill two birds with one stone manicure without soaking plus get rid of the pterygium. But hardware nail preparation requires certain skills, in their absence, you can easily injure the nail or the matrix. Therefore, manicure hardware can be replaced classic or simply push back the cuticle pusher and a hatchet to remove the pterygium. Like in this video:

2. If the manufacturer has not specified otherwise, pass on the soft nail buff, to get the Shine. Try not to cut the nail with a nail file! You can injure him! Usually all manufacturers, except Shellac, you want to go nail buff. 

3. Degrease the nail dehydrator 

4. Apply primer for gel or gel Polish. And on the ends too! If your nail is not too thin, not too wet hands do not sweat a lot and after degreasing your nail is opaque, you can't use a primer.

5. Apply base for gel Polish, sealing the end of the nail. Dry them in the lamp 36 watt 1-2 minutes.

Directly colored coating is applied in two or three layers (depending on the density of the color) semi-dry brush. First, it avoids unnecessary the thickness and make the coating is virtually indistinguishable from the lacquer coating is simple, and secondly, when coating a thick layer of it will be blown up in the lamp and will not dry out until the end and will have the effect of cake.

There are some firms gel polishes that have a very large amount of the dispersion layer. Therefore, before applying color coating is to go through our database with a clean, dry brush to remove excess dispersion and color did not spread. 

Only top apply thicker than other layers, as it has a protective function and adds Shine. 

Also before or after top coating can be performed design gel polishes, gel inks or acrylic paints.

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