Sunday, April 5, 2015

Medical aspects of nail service. Processing of hands of the master and client

First of all the master is obliged to process the hands to avoid possible infections from the client. 

Such approach will be the best:
- washing of hands antibacterial or at least usual soap;
- processing of hands anti-septic tank.

Antiseptics it is better to use gel as antiseptics in the form of spray dries skin of hands which was dried so soap. Skin of the client won't pay attention that spray as such processing for it happens time in 2-4 weeks was used. The master processes the hands before each client therefore dryness of hands will be much more notable. If the master works in gloves, processing of hands needs to be carried out before you put on gloves. For tranquillity of your and bigger trust from the client you can process also gloves from above. 

Why it is necessary to process hands before putting on gloves? In some types of procedures sharp subjects which can tear gloves are used. And if leather under gloves isn't processed by an anti-septic tank, you to yourself increase risk of receiving an infection, especially if you have small wounds. Therefore processing to gloves - is obligatory, after - at will.

Concerning soap - soap it has to be obligatory liquid that there was no contact directly as in a case with the lumpy. There is no need to translate an infection from place to place.

After you processed the hands it is possible to start at processing of hands of the client. It is also compulsory procedure. Processing has to be contactless.

Antiseptics kills and/or blocks action of viruses, bacteria, fungi for a period of up to three hours therefore if you work more long, processing should be repeated in three hours.

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