Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Disinfection is the second stage of disinfecting in work of the manicurist. It is included processing of working surfaces and preprocessing of the manikyurny tool.

Disinfection controls quantity of pathogenic microorganisms on a surface of lifeless bodies are all horizontal surfaces (a floor, a table, regiments, chairs and so forth) and directly tool. Concerning horizontal surfaces damp cleaning with application of disinfectants is undertaken. Pay attention that disinfectors are preparations on the basis of heavy chemistry.

Disinfectors, as well as antiseptics share on subspecies:

- the instant - in the form of spray or an aerosol which is used just before the client, and also after his service for processing of surfaces and the tool

- concentrated disinfector. As such disinfectors have different structure, and time of soaking of the tool in solution at everyone a miscellaneous. This time is specified in the instruction to a preparation. It is also important to pay attention to a percentage ratio of a concentrate with water that also is in the instruction. Besides from number of the disinfector necessary for solution creation, exposition time depends, i.e. the it is higher than a percent, the smaller time the tool will be in solution.

The concentrated disinfector has to possess several properties:

1. It has to be universal. I.e. by it both the tool, and surfaces can be processed. As such option to you is more favorable to the master because you have no need for purchase of several bottles of solution which not so cost not much.

2. It has to possess bactericidal (against bacteria), virulitsidny (against viruses), fungitsindny (against fungi and their dispute) action. Before putting the tool in a dezrastvor read the instruction as it is possible that before soaking the tool needs to be washed out, then to kill, and then again to wash. Or the tool is put at once in solution and after completion of disinfection is washed out under flowing water. It is recommended to use nevertheless disinfectors of the second type because the tool at once plunges into solution and possible infections and fungi aren't had from place to place.

Before further sterilization of the tool, it has to be disinfected, washed out and dried.

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