Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sterilization of the tool for manicure.

Sterilization of the tool for manicure.

Sterilization is an elimination of live microorganisms on a surface of lifeless bodies. This stage is the most difficult and it is possible to tell to some extent dangerous of all stages in a tool decontamination complex for manicure.

The tool executed from medical surgical staly, and also the napkins and towels executed from 100% of cotton is exposed to sterilization. But consider that cottonous things gradually turn yellow and assume a modest air as the dry-heat case literally fries all live microorganisms from a tissue surface. But despite perhaps sterilizations of cotton, nevertheless it is recommended to use to the maximum the disposable tool everywhere where it is possible not to the detriment of procedure.

For sterilization the following devices are used:

- a dry-heat case - tools pass processing under the influence of high temperatures in it about 260-280 degrees. You can expose certain time thanks to the timer and expose temperature. After processing of the tool is finished you shouldn't open a dry-heat case at once. In technical data sheet of the device time through which it is possible to open a dry-heat case safely will be specified.

- the autoclave - processing is made under pressure of a hot steam.

There is also so-called ultra-violet sterilizer. BUT! It not a sterilizer. It is an uf-case of continuous burning. That is it has to be constantly included. After its including at least in half an hour the sterile medium is framed inside. But microbes on a surface of the tool aren't killed and this case is intended for storage of already sterilized tool! The UV-case has to be constantly included, differently the general meaning of the device is lost.

There is also ball-type sterilizers, but an opinion on them still ambiguous as full immersion of the tool in it can't almost achieve, except for perhaps only burrs.

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