Monday, February 8, 2016

Sterilization of manicure tools

Sterilization is the complete destruction of live microorganisms on the surface of inanimate bodies. This stage is the most complex and can be said in some degree dangerous of all the stages in the complex disinfection of manicure tools.

Subjected to a sterilization tool made from medical surgical steel, as well as napkins and towels, made of 100% cotton. But keep in mind that cotton garments will gradually turn yellow and take unpresentable appearance, because suhoor literally vyzhivaet all living microorganisms from the surface of the fabric. But despite the possibility of sterilization of cotton, recommended a maximum use of disposable tool wherever possible without harming the procedure.

For sterilization of the following devices:

a drying rackthe tools in it are processed under the influence of high temperatures of the order of 260-280 degrees. You can set a certain time thanks to the timer and set temperature.After you have finished processing tool do not immediately open suhoor. In the data sheet will indicate the time after which you can safely open suhoor.

- the autoclave treatment is performed under pressure of hot steam.

- There are also the so-called ultraviolet sterilizer. BUT! It is NOT a sterilizer. This UV Cabinet constant burning. That is, it needs to be switched on. After switching it on at least half an hour inside creates a sterile environment. But the germs on the surface of the tool is not killed and is this storage Cabinet has already prosterilizovannogo tool! The UV Cabinet must be permanently connected, otherwise the General meaning of the device is lost.

- There glasperlenovy or ball sterilizers, but the opinion of them is still ambiguous, since total immersion tool it is almost impossible to achieve, except perhaps only cutters. However, the processing is quick30 to 60 seconds. However payback is a blunt instrument.

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