Friday, March 11, 2016

To create arch shape nails there are several ways.

  • Correct shape by means of metal substrates and tubes to form an arch.
  • Metal substrate adheres to the form on the reverse side, if necessary, the shape can be cut together with the substrate.
  • Then you need to pick up a tube the size of the nail to compress and shape it. The form will be stiff and will not straighten out even if her ears will become unstuck.
    Next, the form is inserted under the nail and modeling. Usually in this case does not require additional pressing of special tools.
  • Correct substitution of the form in the usual way with additional preload. Preload you can run the following tools:
  • pegs of plastic or metal
    — струбцины

    Tweezers nails-Curling at the time of the polymerization intermediate at a maximum heating of the material, and then fixed with clothespins or clamps and go into the lamp for the final polymerization.
    Thus obtained high-quality, pre-loaded nail salon or arch shape. By the way. If you are interested in earnings at his blog or on the contrary you want to promote your blog, we invite you to a great site Blogun

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