Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Preparation of natural nails to build

Actually I personally while preparing for increased use nail technology training coated nail gel polish. And use it as a gel, and under acrylic. About the features of later, but for now just on the standard procedure for the preparation of nails to build.
1. This item is used in general for any procedure with hands and feet. For your own safety and the safety of the client you have to treat your hands and the hands of the customer antiseptic. IMPORTANT POINT: If you are wearing gloves, then you put antiseptic on your hands, wear gloves and treat them as an antiseptic.

2. Move aside the cuticle. Orange stick will not work, especially if the cuticle is overgrown and tight to the nail. Hatchet remove pterygium. If you own the hardware manicure appliances, you can facilitate and accelerate its work using a cutter.

3. File for natural nails remove the free edge of the natural nail and remove the gloss from the nail. Remove gloss it means SLIGHTLY dull the surface of the nail. If you are unsure of your hands, take a hard buff. Too much you will not remove them.

If the building is carried out on the tips, but now it's time to glue them and treat.

4. Remove dust from the nail. Degrease the nail dehydrator.

5. Apply the primer.
      - If the building is done with acrylics, then take an acidic primer. Although now there are acid-free acrylic primers.
      - If the capacity is performed gel, then take acid-free primer

What is the difference acidic and acid-free primers? Acidic primer raises flakes natural nail that allows the material to better catch on. Acid-free primer acts as a double-sided tape, a material with interlocking nail plate.

If you build on the tips, the primer is applied only to the natural nail. In case of contact tips, nail tip could crack!

6. If the building is performed gel, then the nail rubbing movements before reaching the cuticle of about 1 mm, is applied to the base layer of gel or a single-phase gel. The nail is ready to build!

Regarding the preparation of nails to build on the training system to cover the nail gel polish. In gel lacquer base stronger adhesion compared with the base for a solid gel that eliminates detachment even in the most troubled clients! Besides it is possible to eliminate the primer is sufficient degreasing.

But there are to be two systems, and what to use - you choose.

Note: When using the gel lacquer base under the acrylic is recommended to remove her sticky layer.

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